Fox officially making Hitman 2

There have been recent rumour rumbles that Fox was planning to re-visit the world of Hitman. But now it's officially in development.

“Surely”, you say, “the first one didn’t set the box office alight on account of, er, not being that good.” Well, you’d be right on one of those (it actually made $100 million off a relatively cheap $30 million budget), but it looks like the studio wants to plug away anyhow.

Kyle Ward has been hired to pen a script that will find the main character – baldy assassin Agent 47 – at a low point in life with a quest to bring himself back up.

It’ll be based on the new Hitman 5 console title, set to hit shops next year.

Whether Timothy Olyphant will return to the lead role is anyone’s guess, but first they have to get the script and a director figured out…

[Source: Variety ]

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