Forza Horizon showcase events guide

Sure you’re faster than a plane, but what about…a balloon?

In Forza Horizon, your Popularity Ranking begins at level 250 and will count down over the course of the game as you perform certain feats such as burnouts, attain high-speeds, wreck signs, etc.  Each time you gain 25 popularity levels there will be a Showcase Event that becomes accessible (with the exception of rank 25) and will allow you compete in an odd event that can range from racing air planes and helicopters, to even hot air balloons. For each of the Showcase Events that you win, you will then receive the vehicle that you were forced to use as a reward. It’s not always a great reward, but as the Showcases get better, so do the prizes. If you are getting impatient with gaining popularity levels too slowly, we have a video at the bottom to show you an easy way to increase your popularity rather quickly.  

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