Footloose finds new feet

After much rumour mongering, it’s official: Chace Crawford has nabbed the lead role in the Footloose remake.

The project had been chucked into disarray when first choice Zac Efron had ditched the film in favour of expanding his resume to include more movies where he doesn’t sing and dance.

Crawford – best known for the US TV show Gossip Girl – brings an older audience along with him, which will likely help the “edgier” feel of the new pic, which High School Musical’s Kenny Ortega is directing for Paramount.

Apparently, he wanted Crawford as Efron’s replacement immediately, but the actor’s agent had to figure out a deal that would let him shoot the movie around his work on Gossip Girl.

[Source: Variety ]

Happy that there’s a new dancer in town? Or is it still just another dodgy remake?


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