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Flying Heroes Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    Just type in one of the following cheats during play to get the desired effect
    tsooberif Get Fire boost
    llaberif Fireballs
    hsalf Get Flash
    ommalluf Max ammo
    htlaehlluf Max health
    anamlluf Max mana
    lerrabsag Gas Barrel
    llabeci Iceball
    elbisivni Invisible
    ratslatem Metal Star
    retropelet Teleporter
    senimex Xemines
    eriftes Set Fire
    niardica Acid Rain
    senimga Agmines
    noddegamra Armageddon
    kaolc Cloak
    duolchtaed Death Cloud
    tsooberif Disorientate
    erifllaf FallFire
    dicahsalps Splash Acid
    llaezeerf Freeze All
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