FlatOut unleashes Ultimate Carnage

Xbox 360 will get its own mud-churning racer to compete with PS3's MotorStorm this June, in the form of FlatOut Ultimate Carnage, a 360-exclusive edition of the nutjob over-the-top game, bolstered with new modes, enhanced visuals and bigger packs of rivals to race against.

Ultimate Carnage brings five single player modes and two Xbox Live-based multiplayer modes to the grubby party, including Hunter & Prey (we guess it'll be like vehicular tag), Beat the Bomb (could be tag again, but with a bomb to get rid of) and Frag Derby (which must be along the lines of a straightforward demolition mash-up). We've yet to see concrete details on these modes, but will no doubt have some explano-shots coming in soon.

Elsewhere, the FlatOut rig gets a full makeover, adding widescreen HD, brain-achingly high numbers of polygons, and improved smoke, dust and water effects. Peek at the first screens we've got here and you can see what all that techno-babble means - Burnout Revenge-style gorgeous graphical sheen.

Even with these substantial visual boosts, Ultimate Carnage will still boast 12 cars on track at once compared to FlatOut's previous max of just eight. Finally, there's the promise of support for downloadable content in the future. We'll be racing down to developer BugBear for a hands on with FlatOut Ultimate Carnage soon.

February 1, 2007


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