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Flag to Flag Cheats

  • Super Speed Mode

    Complete Campioship Mode to unlock Super Speed Mode. In this mode you can race with 5 other drivers and take corners at high speeds.
    Submitted by Matt Landavazo
  • Rainy Weather

    Immediately after selecting a track in arcade
    mode, hold L+R+Down on the D-pad until the screen fades in. When the race begins, the weather will be rainy.
    Submitted by Jordan
  • Play as a Pace Car

    To play as the accura pace car be first in the championchip mode. Also when you beat the championchip you also get SUPER SPEED MODE.
    Submitted by matt
  • Drive as S. Hattori

    Complete Championship mode once to ulock a bonus Japanese driver that is not ranked in the CART-Season or with a team.
    Submitted by ussell aka big head

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Available Platforms: Dreamcast