First-year Capcom employees make iPhone game as part of training

The Japanese workplace is a grind. Tradition dictates that you enter a company upon college graduation (many companies will only hire prospective grads under the age of 24) and you work there, every day waiting for you superiors to get promoted or die so you can advance. Hardly the environment to foster talent in young game creators.

But Capcom's Jun Takeyuchi has a solution that bucks workplace tradition. He tasked a group of first-year Capcom employees with creating an iPhone game. “Game projects as of late have grown into incredibly huge things in scope... It's hard to produce one game a year the way that people used to be able to do. That got me thinking that perhaps the best way to get our new employees a taste of the peaks and valleys of game development is to have them produce a game of their own by themselves." he told Famitsu in an interview this week.

"I think one of the most important missions of this group is to raise and nurture the next generation of creators. I think it'd be great if we could get the industry to think about this more seriously through this project -- it'd be nice if it resulted in a new group of game designers that still show up in Famitsu's pages five years from now." he continued.

The result of Takeyuchi's idea is Planet Work, a simple iPhone game that tasks players with cleaning up a garbage ridden planet. The game is out on the iPhone app store in Japan already. While the first five stages are free, the remaining levels are 115 Yen (about $1.50.)

[Source: 1UPiPad*iPhone Fan (Japanese)]

Mar 10, 2011

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