First trailer for Spike Lee's Red Hook Summer: watch now

Red Hook Summer has released a first trailer online, heralding Spike Lee's return to the Brooklyn streets previously visited in Do The Right Thing and Crooklyn .

The film stars The Wire 's Clark Peters as a local Bishop who is struck by the lack of Christian morals in his middle-class grandson, Flik, when the boy comes to spend the summer with him. Feverishly trying to convert him to Christianity, he finds the boy increasingly resistant to his overtures.

However, his grandfather's religious fervour isn't the only culture shock Flik must come to terms with, as the gang-infested streets of the local neighbourhood are a far cry from the leafy environs of his home in Atlanta.

Take a look at the new trailer, below…

On first impressions, it looks a mite melodramatic for our tastes, the risk being that it becomes bogged down by the "big themes" on the agenda. That said, Peters is a superb and woefully under-exposed actor, and it will also be interesting to see Lee reprise his Do The Right Thing character, Mookie.

Co-starring Jules Brown, Toni Lysaith, Nate Parker, James Ransone and Thomas Jefferson Byrd, Red Hook Summer opens in the UK later this year, with a specific release date yet to be confirmed.


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