First look at handheld SmackDown!

[PSP] New screens show off WWE wrestling action on Sony's handheld

Tuesday 5 September 2006
The first batch of screenshots for the PSP version of WWE SmackDown! vs Raw 2007 has recently emerged, showing an impressive-looking scaled down version of the next wrestling ruckus.

While we've had a pretty good look at SmackDown! 2007 on Xbox 360, publisher THQ has been more cagey about showing us the other, less pretty versions of the wrestlefest. A trickle of PS2 screens started in July but, for a long time, there has been no sign of a PSP screenshot - odd, considering it's scheduled to hit stores in November.

But now, with the goods finally in front of us, we can honestly say that the screens look great for a handheld title, with sharp detail on the wrestlers and the ring. Granted, there are a few sacrifices - the crowd looks like a bunch of cardboard cutouts - but one of the shots at least implies that the interactive grapples from the console versions will make it to the PSP version intact.

One thing they don't show, however, is a single new addition to the roster of wrestlers. But we expect that to change real soon.


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