Final Fantasy XIII – Cie'th Stone missions guide

Mission 41: Gaian Grudge (Titan Quest D-1)

Rank: A
Mark: Tonberry Trio
Cie'th Stone location: Faultwarrens – Via Lunae
Mark location: Faultwarrens – Gaian Path
Reward: Doctor's Code

Mission 41 is where the Cie'th Stone missions officially jump the shark from "mildly challenging diversions" to "weep softly against the controller as you die yet again." For Quest D-1, you'll be taking on three Grudge-filled Tonberries simultaneously. Even if you're on your second playthrough, this one's gonna be really hard.

The best strategies are putting the Tonberries at a disadvantage: either carefully creep up on the patch of land they patrol to get the jump on them with a preemptive strike (a difficult, though not impossible, task), or get a Saboteur in there to hit them with status afflictions like Slow and Poison.

If you manage to get a preemptive strike, you can use a move like Quake to stagger all three at once, and then call a Summon like Odin into the battlefield to take advantage of their weakened state. If you can't pull that off, then you're probably in for a pretty long – and very difficult – battle. Good luck – you will need it.

Mission 42: Antihero (Titan Quest D-2)

Rank: B
Mark: Borgbear Hero
Cie'th Stone location: Faultwarrens – Via Lunae/Via Stellarum
Mark location: Faultwarrens – Salamandrine Path
Reward: Witch's Bracelet

Borgbear Hero operates in much the same way as the other large-scale Goblin leaders. He fights with a bunch of lackeys, hoping to overwhelm you with constant attacks and buffs. He still isn't a terribly troublesome mark – though he has the highest HP of any of the goblin marks, he still has a fairly low percentage needed to stagger and weaknesses to both fire and earth magic.

Mission 43: The Hero Never Dies (Titan Quest D-3)

Rank: B
Mark: Borgbear Hero
Cie'th Stone location: Faultwarrens – Via Stellarum/Via Solis
Mark location: Faultwarrens – Sylphid Path
Reward: Speed Sash

Back so soon? But this time all three of the Goblin Chiefs of Staff, along with their underlings, are here for a beatdown. Put all of your goblin-gutting experience to work while keeping your team healthy and you can pull this one off without too much trouble.

Mission 44: The Old Ones Go to Rust (Titan Quest D-4)

Rank: A
Mark: Corrosive Custard
Cie'th Stone location: Faultwarrens – Via Solis
Mark location: Faultwarrens – Nereid Path
Reward: General's Belt

Corrosive Custard is a pretty tricksy sack of goo, and worse yet, it's traveling with two other hideously oversized flans. Its buddies aren't too hard by themselves (you've likely encountered them in the fields already), but when all three are together, they can triple-team you pretty hard. Take them out one at a time, and go for the weaker pals before turning your attention to Corrosive Custard itself. His weak point is Thunder elemental spells, so have your Ravagers take turns building up combos while Medics tend to whatever damage the group deals.

Mission 45: Emergent Evolution (Titan Quest E-1)

Rank: A
Mark: Neochu
Cie'th Stone location: Faultwarrens – Gaian Path
Mark location: Faultwarrens – Titan's Thone
Reward: Hunter's Friend

Think of Neochu as Ochu's incredibly bitchy and controlling mother-in-law. She's old, cranky, and hates you out of principle. But in her old age, she's grown a bit weak: she is actually vulnerable to Vanille's Death spell. The odds are low, however, but there are numerous ways you can boost it. It's a pretty tedious fight if you go this route: have someone constantly healing while Vanille keeps on casting until it works, which could be whenever. Otherwise, use Earth spells for maximum damage potential and keep everyone well buffed to survive her fierce attacks.

Mission 46: On Silent Wings (Titan Quest E-2)

Rank: A
Mark: Zirnitra
Cie'th Stone location: Faultwarrens – Salamandrine Path
Mark location: Faultwarrens – Titan's Thone
Reward: Gilgamesh Inc

Zirnitra is a right two-faced bastard, hitting hard, afflicting you with Poison, and absorbing a lot of the spells you might attempt to throw at it. You'll want to first focus on evening the odds with a Medic to keep everyone healthy and a Saboteur to negate some of his defenses and slow him down. Switch to a Synergist role to increase your abilities once you've managed to hold him off for a while (a Sentinel helps greatly with this).  He only takes 180% to Stagger, but getting him to that point with your party still alive is the challenge – once you've got everyone boosted and saddled him with a few downgrades, set a pair of your party on the offense and keep one in the background for healing duty. This won't be the last encounter with Zirnitra, and it won't get any easier, either.

Mission 47:  Unfocused Rage (Titan Quest E-3)

Rank:  A
Mark: Raktavija
Cie'th Stone location: Faultwarrens – Salamandrine Path
Mark location: Faultwarrens – Titan's Throne
Reward: Mnar Stone

Raktivija is similar in form and function to Vetala, but much more powerful. Again, your goal here is to shatter its defenses with a stagger and then go in hitting as hard as you can. Raktavija is a very capable spellcaster, however, and is capable of doing a huge amount of magic damage very quickly. Buff your magic defenses up and keep a Medic on hand to keep your HP out of the red. A few Saboteur debuffs will aid in slowing Raktavija's spell bursts as well as open it to a bit more damage.

Mission 48: The Abyss Stares Back (Titan Quest E-4)

Rank: A
Mark: Verdelet
Cie'th Stone location: Faultwarrens – Sylphid Path
Mark location: Faultwarrens – Titan's Throne
Reward: Twenty-Sided Die

Much like the other Verdelet hunts, if you can take out the Summoner quickly, it's pretty smooth sailing. The beast they'll be attempting to call upon this time is our old pal Tonberry again. If he does show up, follow the same strategy as your initial encounter, going for all-out offense above all else.

Mission 49: Tyrannicide (Titan Quest E-5)

Rank: A
Mark: Tyrant
Cie'th Stone location: Faultwarrens – Sylphid Path
Mark location: Faultwarrens – Titan's Throne
Reward: Particle Accelerator (x7)

With a name like Tyrant, this guy had better be tough. Tyrant's an interesting piece of machinery with the ability to call forth separate foes into the fight to attack you. If he brings one of these backup units into battle, take care of them first before focusing your attention on the big guy – otherwise, they can be very troublesome. His weaknesses are Thunder and Water, and his Stagger percentile is only 150%. Once you've buffed up and taken care of any of his auxiliary annoyances, you can safely head on in for the kill.

Mission 50: Road to Predation (Titan Quest E-6)

Rank: A
Mark: Humbaba
Cie'th Stone location: Faultwarrens – Nereid Path
Mark location: Faultwarrens – Titan's Throne
Reward: Scarletite

Finally, the last of Titan's special fights! Humbaba is another Behemoth-like enemy, and like his kin, he has two ways of fighting: on all four legs and on his haunches. Once he sits up (usually when his HP drops below about 1/4), he'll restore all of his health and gain stronger attacks. Fire is his weakness, so get your Ravagers ready to burn him to the ground. Don't expect to stagger him easily, though – with an 800% percentile, he's got some very thick skin. Still, his counter won't reset when he sits up and restores his health (unlike Tonberry) so a stagger certainly isn't impossible.

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  • indiankiller120 - July 24, 2012 9:25 p.m.

    im at orphan on my first playthrough and i cant beat the first form of orphan no matter what i do. he always kills me about in the middle of his life what should i do
  • tigs-mcjagger - December 7, 2012 1:55 a.m.

    Just beat him down till he's staggered. Then if you have it SPAM ARMY OF ONE. Heal when need. Rinse and repeat.
  • randmideas - July 19, 2012 4:50 p.m.

    Just so you know, E6 is actually a "B" rating and is not as hard as it is described. I got him first try and was able to get him to stagger.
  • ItsBubmlebee - April 7, 2012 5:32 a.m.

    So I guess I just have to be stronger for number 30? Because my medic puts getting rid of status ailments before health,and when he'staking my ailments away they all swarm me and kill me,I use my Eidolon and the same thing happens again after it's been used and I die I can only get half of his hp down,mind putting a level rating and the most useful paradigms to use on here?
  • rebelmanolo - November 28, 2011 9:04 p.m.

    thanks or your helpfull tips for 41st quest;-) I've maked it in 4 minuts and 9 sec thanks a lot
  • augha - July 16, 2011 10:28 a.m.

    I tried your method in mission 64. I got 5 stars by using poison and full sentinel team defense on him. thanks for the info you have provided all here. Appreciated. Now i finished all my missions. hurray! haha
  • augha - July 13, 2011 1:37 p.m.

    In mission 41, i manage to get a preemptive strike by using deceptisol (Makes the party difficult for passing enemies to detect). XD thanks.
  • LateWinterWolf - March 6, 2011 8:20 p.m.

    Sarukah. You can complete the game and if you want to carry on with the cieth stone missions after you complete the game it just transports u back to the save point before the final boss' lol. Also is it me or do final fantasy final bosses just suck lately. but i cant wait for final fantasy 13: 2 end of this year :) gunna be AWSOME
  • Sarukah - February 1, 2011 6:51 a.m.

    Currently going through the missions in numerical order (on the Titan quests now) and I was wondering if you can go ahead and beat the game to unlock Stage 10 of the Crystarium and *then* go back and finish the rest of the missions? Cause a few of these are just way too impossible to beat even with Stage 9 maxed :<
  • loudnessjp - January 31, 2011 3:38 a.m.

    please don't tell me that "lv1 weapons, no shrouds or accessories" is one of those things some people do to have some challenge with the game, or else I really just said B.S.
  • loudnessjp - January 31, 2011 3:32 a.m.

    @SharinganPerception Look, I'm WAAAAAAAY noob compared to you, so I'm sorry if anything I'm gonna say sound obvious. Mainly about Vercingetorix, I haven't fought it myself, but it sounds like upgrading your weapons will help with the problem "healing faster than taking damage", you could also use the cerberus formation (i'm saying that without knowing his weakness or how the stats look like after stage 10), since the more commandos are in your team the more damage he takes. Your money should be spent in upgrading further your weapons and accessories (or even buying them), i recommend equiping accessories that boost your strength OR magic (choose one because, I think, that the boost provided by just one accessory isn't too much by now). About the weapon, I'd rather use the "default ones", but that's just because the price-strength reason are the best for them, go to final fantasy wikia (or maybe in this site they have it, I don't know actually) and look for a table that contains all the weapons, their cost to upgrade, and their final status, so that you can choose the ones that fit best to you. I apologize again if this is just useless stuff, although, after 20 days, you should have found the answers by now.
  • JabezXIII - January 27, 2011 5:43 a.m.

    Here is one way to beat Mission 7 with ease. Great farming location.
  • Banes - January 24, 2011 4:13 a.m.

    Barthandelus issues... for those having problems on the 2nd time around with this guy, there is an easy way to get around the death timer. as you work his hp down he will cast doom on you and you will have around 1800-1900 seconds to kill him. beat the crap outta him however you want, but once you get down to 39-45 seconds (doesnt matter what your main char is) hold back from doing anything cause you want to get ready with a summons. at 10-15 seconds left on the timer cast it. even if the timer runs out and you die, your summons will rez you or if you dont, it will hault the timer. Only way i was able to beat him but i had him down to less than 10% hp left and with help of summons i dropped him fast. For missions 1-14, you NEED to do ALL 14 to open the chocobo so you can get on top of rocks and to areas not accessable. The yellow circles on the ground are for chocobo jumps.
  • jennypenny - January 17, 2011 4:25 a.m.

    Just thought I'd let you know: for mission 33 A Parent's Pledge, the actual Cie'th Stone location is the Archylte Steppe – Haerii Archaeopolis, just below the area with the Waystone (see image provided, as it is accurate).
  • SharinganPerception - January 10, 2011 4:06 p.m.

    Okay guys i'm gonna need some help here... here's the stats so far... I'm 70 hours deep using Lightning as my main character backed by Hope and Fang. I'm using Lv1 weapons, NO accessories and NO shrouds. I've managed to 5-Star missions #1 to #53 and #56 to #63 leaving only Gigantuar, the 2nd Neochu and the Doom Herald. I've 5-Starred Orphan... I'm taking out Adamantoises in 3:27 to 4:00... I'm taking out Shaolong Gui's in 5:05 to 6:00... Now i can't complain with that... so here's the problems! 1. Gigantuar is sooooo awkward, my best is a weak 3-Star. any paradigm suggestions... ...anybody...??? 2.Vercingetorix is annoying!! I can get him to 9 Mill health then he starts his Tail Spin, then i knock him down to 8 Mill. From there he hits way too hard, and manages to gain health faster than i can take it off, this goes on bouncing up and down between 6 and 9 mill health... then he gets bored with me and casts DOOM! WTF!! My best setup so far is as follows: L H F Smart Bomb Rav/Rav/Sab Thaumatology Rav/Med/Rav Aggression Com/Rav/Com Salvation Med/Med/Med Tortoise Sen/Sen/Sen Rapid Growth Syn/Syn/Syn What am i doing wrong here? any suggestions...? 3. I use pretty much the same setup for Long Gui except: Smart Bomb is replaced with Relentless Assault Rav/Rav/Com Thaumatology is replaced with Smart Bomb Aggression is replaced with Cerberus Com/Com/Com Rapid Growth is replaced with Prudent Planning Syn/Syn/Sen I can only beat Long Gui's using SUPER RARE Elixer's, you have to summon atleast twice to get round his DOOM! and that's done in 23:00 to 25:00... still a 5-Star but i only have 1 elixer... there must be a more efficient way... Any ideas? P.S i've got 10 Mill Gil... So what should i spend it on?
  • defileds - November 3, 2011 3:15 p.m.

    you can upgrade the accessories that say "increases potion potency" and then disassemble them into elixirs. after reading the guide here maybe try getting to chapter 13 then going back to the missions and just cast death on the harder mobs.
  • alan-mednick - January 23, 2012 9:46 p.m.

    Try having a party with the Weapon/Accessory bonus of NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE, even though you may not heal your party, I don't think Gigantaur has any spells and wouldn't be able to hurt you. Not sure though, but that's what I am going to try, because I tried him before even going into Taejin Tower and he seems impossible. I am not sure if 10,000 Needles is a spell or phys. attack
  • indiankiller120 - July 24, 2012 9:29 p.m.

    i cant kill orphans first form on my first playthrough, he always kills me about when i get to half of his life. any suggestions
  • stormymay888 - December 28, 2010 9:08 p.m.

    # 30 if you use your summon (i was using fang) Syphax will appear :)
  • itachithe7th - December 2, 2010 11:16 p.m.

    Thanks to everyone who gave me advice thanks for making this guide why am i saying this? I beat orphan last night i beat Jabberwocky and Bandersnatch all the way through final form orphan with no shrouds i love u guys (no gay) THANS+K YOU!!

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