Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments locations guide


Fragment 1Atlas Fragment – Received through the story upon killing the full sized Atlas.

Fragment 2Ghast Fragment – Received by completing the quest to kill a Cie'th. This quest can acquired by talking to one of the army NPC's who are standing around the first time gate you come across. The Cie'th itself will be a tough battle if this your first time in the zone. He casts a very damaging Fira spell so be cautious. Slow and steady work using paradigm shifts to heal and mitigate fire damage can bring you the victory. Refer to the map for the location of the Ghast.

Fragment 3Delicate Crystal – Received by completing your first time labyrinth. Before the Atlas fight head towards the optional control mechanism and this event will trigger. Complete it to receive the fragment.

Fragment 4Vita Lyrica – Received from the guard outside the cell you are initially held in. You must find the duplicate comms device and return it to him. It can be found behind the locked holding cell door. The key for this door is outside floating by the Atlas hand. It will be marked on the map. Toss mog, get the key then go to the holding cell and unlock the door. Go through and you will quickly see a item box that you must use mog to resynchronize. Bring the item back to receive the Fragment. This quest seems to only open up upon completion of Fragment 7.

Fragment 5Anima Miseria – Can be obtained from Jed after taking out the full version of Atlas. To get the flower you must activate an optional time gate using a Wild Artefact. This will unlock Bresha 300AF where everything is covered in snow. Go to this new Bresha and proceed to the same spot Jed was in Bresha 5AF. There you will find the flower. Return it to Jed to receive the Fragment.

Fragment 6Unio Mystica -  Obtained by completing the quest to find two missing medicine capsules for the soldier in red. He will be standing along the path to Atlas. The capsules will be in item boxes around the environment. Very easy to find with some minor side exploring. The number 6 on the map refers to the location of the two Medicine Capsules.

Fragment 7Ars Symphonica – Given to you by Cordelia near the Atlas hand. Simply go to the small tech center near the Atlas hand and use Mogs powers to cause the item box to come into synch. Bring the item back to Cordelia to receive the Fragment. Available after you've dispatched the full sized Atlas. The 7 on the map refers to the location of her notes.

Fragment 8Gravitron Core Beta - Obtained as part of a story quest. The quest begins in Academia 4XX. Hope will ask you to find the graviton cores. This core is found in an area that can only be accessed by Chocobo. Take him to the top of the large staircase that is just before the first time gate you would fine in this zone. The number 8 on the map points to where you should take the Chocobo. There you must run of a ramp like piece of stone and fly into this little section of map that is on the left of the staircase, if you are looking down it. Once you land Mog will run off to the fragment and you simply have to use his ability to synch it up. Refer to the map for more information.


Fragment 1Kalavinka Fragment – After completing Fragment 6 this boss will spawn. Kill him to receive the Fragment. The 1 on the map indicates the boss location.

Fragment 2Ruthenium Ring – Start this quest by talking to the man in the middle of the map, on the right side. He will say he is admiring a warrior. Talk to the warrior and compliment him multiple times to receive the Fragment. The 2 on the map indicates their location.

Fragment 3Rhodium Ring – After completing the other Fragments, talk to the man in the graveyard by the time gate. He will want his device from the future. Travel to Bresha 300 AF, go to the graveyard and click on the toy. Return the item to the man to receive this Fragment. The 3 on the map indicates its location.

Fragment 4Palladium Ring – You receive this quest from a lady near to where you first jump into zone. The weapon parts she is after can be found near Chocolina at the top of the map, in the tunnels. Return them to her to receive your Fragment. The 4 on the map indicates the parts location.

Fragment 5Osmium Ring – This quest is started from a man standing near the entrance to the tunnel system in the middle of the map, on the left side. His assistant is in the tunnel system behind him. Use Mog to synch him, retrieve the notes and bring them back to the man. The 5 on the map indicates the assistants location.

Fragment 6Adamantite Ring – Complete Fragment 1 of Bresha Ruins 300 Af. Bring the passwords to Porter, the man in front of the Atlas device to receive this Fragment. The 6 on the map indicates the location.


Fragment 1 – Control Device Password 2 – To start this quest, do Yaschif Massif 110AF Fragment 1. After getting the first password, travel to this time, and go to the Atlas device. Talk to the man in front of it, then talk to the device. Solve the time puzzle to receive this Fragment. The 1 on the map indicates the devices location.

Fragment 2Iridium Ring – Go to the graveyard and synch the shadow man. Then travel into the tunnels in the middle of the map. Find his friend and make him laugh a few times.  Get his notes then bring them back to the man in the graveyard to get this Fragment. The 2 on the map indicates his friends location.

Fragment 3Platinum Ring – Talk to the man on the stairs near where you first warp in. He will ask for a recording device. It is found near the top  of the map in the square area to the left of Chocolina. Use Mog to bring it into synch then return it to the man on the stairs.  The 3 on the map marks its location. 

Fragment 4Mythril Ring – Speak to the man in the tunnels to start this quest, then head up top to the large staircase near where you first warped in. There will be a soldier NPC to talk to who goes by the name of Commander. He will give you a report that you then bring back to the original quest giver. Once all is done you will receive this Fragment. The 4 on the map marks the quest givers location.


  • megajeanie - May 1, 2014 2:11 a.m.

    Problem! I have paradox a for the idea circuit fragment but the terminal won't activate! When I walk in the terminal room it says "scanning operating system" but nothing else interacts, no red terminal, no exclamation mark. Have gone in and out of level including closing it to restart and same problem. Please!!! What am I missing???
  • djinn2208 - February 7, 2013 7:17 p.m.

    im stuck in augusta tower 200af i cant get the fragment how do i go on a diffrent floor

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