Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

In fact, you don%26rsquo;t really need to trouble yourself with the actual mechanics of battle, thanks to the Gambit system - also taken from FFXII. Gambits enable you to assign dynamic roles to your characters. As you gain experience and learn the best strategies for defeating particular types of enemy, you%26rsquo;ll be able to fine-tune your strategies to such an extent that the game will almost play itself.

By setting up different types of behavior for each character, you wind up, eventually, with a balanced party that knows when to heal wounded members, when to use magic techniques, when to focus attacks on one particular enemy, and so on. Mind you, if it%26rsquo;s anything like it was on PS2 then creating properly effective gambits will be beyond the reach of most of the game%26rsquo;s novice audience, and perhaps a little easy for hardcore Final Fantasists. Luckily there%26rsquo;s always the option to play in classic FF style and micro-manage your party, or simply tap away with the stylus and let the DS select the most appropriate moves.