Final Fantasy XII - Japan loves it!

A perfect score in Japan's biggest gaming mag? That's gotta be worth ruminating about, right?

The long-awaited RPG Final Fantasy XII is finally shipping in Japan, accompanied by a perfect score of 40 (four reviewers all gave it a 10) in Famitsu, the country's biggest video game magazine. It's a momentous enough occasion that GamesRadar's industry-minded companion site,Next Generationhas posted an article exploring the score, the magazine, and Final Fantasy's history in general.

If that sounds interesting, please consider yourself invited to read the articlehere. If it doesn't, please continue exploring the rest of this fine, gaming oriented media outlet for something more to your liking.

Above: We'd ask how many gamers would skip their own weddings to play this game, but we're not sure we'd be comfortable with the answer.


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