Final Fantasy XII boss guide

22) Fenrir

Use Protect and Bubble to up your survival rate, then get in there and beat Fenrir down. There’s not much to this fight, but it does tend to get bloody. Fenrir can cast Bravery on himself in a pinch, or use Wail to inflict Blind or Silence on all characters around him.

23) Hashmal

Hashmal is a fast physical attacker the way Fenrir was, but his standard attack often hits more than once and inflicts Disease. Make sure you have plenty of Vaccines with you. When he gets below 50% health, he’ll start throwing Earth-based spells like Quakeja or Roxxor (…ugh), which you can safely ignore if you’ve cast Float in recent memory.

24) Gabranth

It’s tempting to nuke Gabranth into next week, but you’ll fight two more bosses after him, so you should forebear. Play it safe!

25) Dr. Cid, Round two

Cid is initially much the same as he was in his last bout with you, but once he’s been reduced to half of his health, he’ll summon Famfrit to even the odds. While Famfrit is in play, it will prohibit you from inflicting damage against Cid, and Cid will spend his time casting buff spells on it. One sneaky trick is to hit Famfrit with Dispel, forcing Cid to use his next three turns renewing the buffs, as opposed to shooting you. Dispatch Famfrit with extreme prejudice, then renew your assault on Cid.


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