Final Fantasy XII boss guide

15) Rafflesia

You’ll have to defeat the Rafflesia without relying on magic, as it’ll set up a field that rapidly drains your MP. A party of decent melee combatants should have it halfway dead before it really has a chance to get going, but you’ll want to equip accessories to protect against Sleep.

16) Daedalus

Use Dispel to remove Daedalus’s Haste, then augment your characters with whatever methods you have available. Bubble is very useful here, if you know it, as is Protect. Daedalus inflicts physical damage at a rapid clip, so you’ll probably spend much of this battle healing. As Daedalus approaches death, his Defense skyrockets; you’ll probably need to finish him off with spells like Bio.

17) Tyrant

The Tyrant will forbid the use of Technicks during this battle, which shouldn’t be a problem. What is a problem is that it’s initially buffed to the gills – so Dispel that – and frequently uses a spell called Piercing Graviga to reduce all characters’ HP by 75%. Fortunately, it’s weak against Ice spells and effects, allowing you to dismantle it by equipping Basch or Vaan with an Icebrand, or bringing in Penelo or Ashe to throw Blizzaga.


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