Final Fantasy XII

Vaan, like many RPG heroes before him, hunts monsters for monetary reward. Once you enter Rabanastre's pub for the first time, you'll be set on a quest to find a specific foe. You'll also be introduced to the License Board. This looks much like an elaborate chess board but seems to serve a very similar purpose to Final Fantasy X's Sphere Grid. Different abilites are contained on the board - for example, white magic, and as you spend LP (License Points, of course) you can unlock further ones, opening up new opportunities for character growth.

Whether the world of Final Fantasy XII will truly open up is still a matter of conjecture. The early game feels like a blend of classic Final Fantasy ideas and new ones. The game clearly has a unique personality but shouldn't throw fans of the series for a loop. The drama, spectacle and RPG gameplay is all here for you to enjoy. For now, we've taken some exclusive movies, which you can check out by clicking the orange tab at the top of this very page. We'll be back with a more in-depth exploration of the world of Final Fantasy XII next week.

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