Final Fantasy XI Beginner's Guide

The Republic of Bastok
Native Races: Hume, Galka

Set in the harsh, mineral-rich Gustaberg wastelands, the Republic of Bastok is a nation of engineering and ingenuity. Home to the Hume and Galka races, Bastok's architecture is stark and functional. The nation is famed for its technology, craftsmanship and science, and is home to the world-famous engineer Cid and the Smithing, Goldsmithing and Alchemy guilds.

Bastok's storyline is primarily about the relationship between the Hume and Galka races in Bastok. The Galka were once forced to work in the mines by the Hume and many remain resentful - but a new hope emerges. A new "Talekeeper," a prophesized Galka born with the memories of the past, may have surfaced, bringing with it the hope of starting a brand new nation for the Galka.

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