Final Fantasy VI comes to PSN this week

King of the classic JRPGs is back, again

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Square Enix's Final Fantasy VI will be released on PSN this week as part of the company's Winter of RPGs. The SNES game was originally released as Final Fantasy III in the States... But if the last fifteen years haven't been long enough for you to associate “Terra, Kefka and the best theme music in the series' history” with “the sixth Final Fantasy game,” we're not sure what to tell you.

The PSN version of the game is presented as a PSOne Classic, which means it's a port of the 1999 PlayStation version of the game. Should purists freak out and refuse to download anything that doesn't come on a cartridge? You can if you like, but really, the game's exactly the same bar a few perfectly nice cutscenes and some special features, all of which you can just disregard if authenticity is all that important to you.

Above: It's fine to make it past the 3:40 mark without feeling your heart swell. We're professionals, and happy to cater to the "soulless monster" demographic

On the other end of the spectrum, if you've still never played a non-polygonal Final Fantasy and don't know why you should care, this is one of the undisputed classics of the old-time RPG genre. That means it looks and sounds as gorgeous as a game of its era could reasonably be expected to be, packs in a story whose breadth and character depth put many contemporary titles to shame, and hails from a time before anyone had worked out the downside of packing a game full of random encounters against monsters with one frame of animation.

The game's $10, available tomorrow, and if nothing else, is probably a lot more stable than your contemporary RPG masterworks. Choose as you see fit.