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Final Fantasy Legend 2 Cheats

  • Sound Test

    To do the sound test, hold down start, select, and b. for more sound tests then this, wait till the party's hp is over 57 and it shoud have as many sound as there are in the game that you have heard up to that point in the game.
    Submitted by ben
  • Gass Knife

    This knife may only be used once, so use it wisly!!! You find this knife and many other useful weapons in the Nasty Dungen, deep, in the Nasty Dungon. When you go to find this knife I sugest, strongly, that you have at least a 500 hp or higher.
    Submitted by **Kitty**
  • Many Agility

    In the Nasty Dungeon pick up the speed. For as many times you save, the more speed you get.
    Submitted by Schlotvytsky

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