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Fighting Force 64 Cheats

  • Easy Bars

    To get easy bars in the first level, you must be in the elevator. You can pull the bars off the side of it by going to it and pressing the A button.
    Submitted by ztruk66
  • Pal Mode

    At player select hold "L"and"R" while choosing anyone to start game(works on 1 and 2 player).See what happens?
    Submitted by steven stinson
  • Hold More Ammo

    At the character screen, press C-Down, C-Up, L, C-Right, C-Down, and then press R.
    Submitted by GRAND MASTER GAMER X
  • Select Level

    At the title screen hold L + Z + C-Up + C-Down.Now select a level by pressing C-Up or C-Down. This code also gives 99% invunerability. You still get hurt by explosions and your special move. It also gives Rocket launchers 30 amunition and Flare guns 10 amunition.
    Submitted by None
  • How To Beat EXO (hint)

    YOU get behind one of the blue bench's and wait till he gets stuck , and chunk luggage at him.
    Submitted by None
  • Instant Rocket Launcher

    To get the Rocket Launcher in the first level you have to go to the nearest police car which is close to where you start. When you are there kick or punch the car until the it breaks. You will see the trunk of the car open and out comes the Rocket Launcher.
    Submitted by Ian Braid
  • Engine

    After you destroy most cars the hood opens, if you are Smasher, you can pick up the engine and use it for a weapon.
    Submitted by Josh (
  • Easier Bars

    To get a weapon in car park (1.1) there should be 3 bars on each side of the level when you get into the part where the van comes in go over to the bars and press A and they will grab the bar and now you have a weapon!!!
    Submitted by kyle (

Fighting Force 64 Hints

  • How to defeat Vulkan(Hint)

    When you fight Vulkan,you run backwards away from him until you get to some barrels,pick one up and chunk it at him.Dont try to hit him like regular or you will get shocked.repeat this process until hes dead.
    Submitted by Matt

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