FIFA World Cup 2010 guide

Five best teams and tips for playing as them


Above: Maradona's men rely on their talented strikers to do their damage

The key to Argentina is their diminutive forward line or, more specifically, tiny messiah Messi. Stick him and Tevez either side of a central front man, like a Sergio Aguero, and you’ll give the opposition backline a torrid time. Argentina aren’t quite as hot in midfield or defence, so the best tactic is to put pressure on your opponent as high up the pitch as possible. And if there’s one team you can afford to have a naughty dribble with, it’s the Argies. With both Messi and Tevez being bastard hard to shake off the ball.


Above: Luís Fabiano (right) is Brazil's key player upfront

The 2002 World Champions are a formidable team. Good at keeping the ball, they’re also physically robust. The key men are their striker Luís Fabiano, Real Madrid playmaker Kaka and rock hard centre half Lucio. With such a strong spine, try to focus your attacks through the middle because, Robinho aside, the Brazilians aren’t blessed with much pace down the flanks.


Above: England's star players are some of the best in the game

Engerlund are blessed with brilliant individuals, but don’t mesh together as well as the elite South American teams. Still, they do have several players who can knock the cow hide right off the ball. Gerrard and Frank Lampard are both blessed with high shooting stats, meaning it’s well worth having a shot from distance. In Rooney and Heskey, they also have two forwards who are hard to knock of the ball. And the latter is adept at winning balls in the air, which can be given to the talismanic Man United striker.


Above: The French are one of the game's best, if most overrated, teams 

They might be an ageing, disjointed squad that has to rely on horrendously cheating handballs to qualify for World Cups in real life, but in FIFA they’re a great side. Blessed with bags of pace, thanks to the likes of Benzema, Henry and Anelka, they’re a side who flourish with wing play. They’re also lighting quick at the back with Evra and Bacary Sagna, meaning you should try and get your full backs involved in attacks whenever possible.


Above: The European champions are a terrifying prospect in full flow

Pass and move, pass and move, pass and move. That’s what the current European champions excel at. With the likes of Barcelona’s Xavi and Iniesta in midfield pulling the strings, it’s easy to cut a back four to ribbons with incisive, pinpoint passing. The Spaniards also have two lightning quick forwards in Torres and Villa, so try to look for them as they make runs on the shoulder of the last man. Time your through ball well, and you’ll find yourself in on goal, which Nando and David live for.

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Apr 23, 2010

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  • fug1980 - August 10, 2010 5:41 p.m.

    could someone tell me how 2 put in the unlockable code 4 the FIFA World Cup Adidas Ultimate Team as i have tried loads of times and it keeps on coming up invalid code
  • JIMBODAVIS - July 12, 2010 9:01 p.m.

    I'd like to know who plays this on anything other than "Amateur?" To me, "Amateur" should have been "Normal" if not "Difficult." Challenging game...
  • TheHolyHandGrenade - June 26, 2010 3:51 a.m.

    Im having trouble scoring when its 1vGoalie, and the goalie comes out. Its annoying
  • Tomsta666 - April 30, 2010 2:49 p.m.

    @southeastsam: Nope, they're obviously playing with the alternate controls (aka Pro Evo controls)
  • SoutheastSam - April 26, 2010 4:43 p.m.

    Square for shoot and circle for slide? I'm guessing this is different than the US version?
  • Tomsta666 - April 23, 2010 9:17 a.m.

    I really wanted to pick this up, but i cant really justify the full RRP they're asking for. I mean its esentially FIFA10 with the majority of features ripped out with a new lick of paint.

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