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Soccer Academy
Once you’ve made the switch to Advanced mode, you should probably enter Soccer Academy to see what new controls are available to you. The Soccer Academy is an interactive tutorial system, where you can practice the following on the training pitch:

The basics (i.e. shooting, passing, throw-ins, headers)

  • More advanced (i.e. Chip shots, long passes)
  • Set Pieces (i.e. free kicks, corner kicks, penalty shots)
  • Keeper Controls (i.e. saving, penalty shootout)
  • Tricks (i.e. 360s, dekes)

There are over 20 drills that can be played. After completing each of the above category of drills, a Time Challenge becomes unlocked. Time Challenges have a series of drills that you’ll need to finish quickly in order to get a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal.

Below is a general breakdown of how the controls are set up:

Line up your shot using the Control Stick, and then swing the Wii Remote up for a rising shot at the net, or swing it down for a lower, more accurate shot. You can add curve to the ball by tilting the Wii Remote. The more you tilt, the greater the curve. While this is great for some spectacular goals, you’ll need to make sure to adjust your aim to allow for the curve.

There are a variety of ways to pass the ball in FIFA 08. Pressing the A button performs a standard pass directly at the player’s feet. Holding it down longer and then releasing passes to the furthest player from you. Another way to pass the ball is with the B button, which does a through pass. Use this when you want to pass it in front of the player, so he can run onto it.

When you want to lob the ball to a player, or cross it into the box, hold down both the A and B buttons. The longer you hold them down, the farther the ball travels.

In FIFA 08 Wii, we also have directional passing. This allows you to continue running in one direction while passing in another. To do this, hold down the passing button of choice, and swing the Wii Remote in the direction you want the pass to go. Alternatively, the +ControlPad can also be used.

Holding down the C button while performing passes or shots provides additional controls, such as chip shots, or lobbed through passes.

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