Fatal Intertia - video + preview

Graphically, the game is currently very hit and miss. At times, it's beautifully smooth and lush, with Halo -like colors and impressively reflective water. But at other times, it's very glitchy and messy, with textures in the distance visibly switching to higher detail as they get close. Most games do this, but seldom as visibly as this. And while we're on the subject, we really shouldn't be seeing pop-up on Xbox 360, yet distant scenery objects do jump into view.

Apart from Velocity mode, the game does feel very slow - at least in the early races we played. It does have a speed-blurring effect at the edges of the screen, but when this is still present in static camera pans after the race, it doesn't look so impressive. It wants to be fast, you can tell. But check out the video. It's not really, is it?

Above: The vehicles look ugly. This car looks like ZZ Top would drive it, but misses the Texans' style

There's still a little time before the game's September release to address these issues, but don't get too excited - it's not looking great.


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