Far Cry 3 reconfirmed by stuntmen via resume updates, big E3 reveal expected

Ubisoft remains tight-lipped on open-world threequel

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In today's gaming climate, building a solid brand for your game is hard work. So with a property as hyped as Far Cry, a big, official unveiling for Far Cry 3 seems to be in order – particularly after Far Cry 2 made good on the original's hype. But two stuntmen have taken it upon themselves to tell the world about Far Cry 3 via resume updates, reconfirming that the third game is still very much a reality.

Not that we're complaining, of course: it's how we got Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and (arguably) Red Dead Redemption. But it does mean that when someone like Lee Villeneuve or Stephane Julien wants to let people know what they're up to, they face a choice between mentioning a vague “unannounced shooter sequel with exotic gameplay,” such as their programmer cohorts have been touting, or just saying what everyone's thinking. Let's remember we're talking about men whose day job involves jumping off buildings: directness, it follows, is something of a virtue.

So while Ubisoft is expected to wait for E3 before officially dropping some FC3 rumor control, the world knows the game's at a pretty advanced stage of development. What are you hoping to see in the title?

May 5, 2011