Far Cry 2 - interview

We're expecting everyone to compare the sequel to Crytek's Crysis - will that be a blessing or a curse?

We don't feel there are many comparisons to be made. From what we know, both games are really different. We are offering a different gaming experience - which is great. PC gamers can expect to have two incredible titles to play instead of only one.

So what's the storyline and setting for Far Cry 2, and are we reprising our role as reluctant hero Jack Carver?

Pharand: You don't play Jack Carver in Far Cry 2. None of the other main characters return from the original Far Cry or from any of the console versions.

Far Cry 2 drops the player in the middle of a failed African state, still in chaos after a recent conflict. The player has been sent here to track down and eliminate an elusive weapons dealer responsible for arming both sides of the conflict. Tracking this target down requires the player to make deals with corrupt warlords and the opportunistic "consultants" that serve them.

As the player gets dragged deeper into the muck, he starts to understand the real horror of this place, and is forced to question many things about his assignment and about himself.

Guns... tell us about the guns! And the vehicles...

Far Cry 2 features more than 30 weapons such as machine guns, flamethrower, mortar or rocket launcher. In order to take weapon management to another level, your weapons wear out over time depending on how you use them. Be nice to your guns.

As Far Cry 2 is an open world game, vehicles are extremely important. We have 14 different vehicles with over 40 variants. It ranges from dune buggies, 4X4, jeeps, ATV, multiple water vehicles and of course the glider!

One of Crytek's greatest achievements with Far Cry was the AI created for the mercenary enemies. In what ways are you taking AI a step beyond this in the sequel?
Pharand: The AI lives in our 50sq/km world, nothing is scripted. Too many games try to have you believe that it's driven by AI... when it's not. They are affected by time (we have a 24 hour day-night cycle), by the weather systems, and of course on how you will decide to encounter them.

Our AI is reacting and behaving to all of the player's actions. We are giving the player the liberty to attack in his own way - stealth, full blast, or invasion and escape. The AI will be ready for you.

One thing we decided to incorporate that we feel is truly remarkable is that the AI will hop in vehicles to either chase you or to get to you if you've been spotted. It adds a completely different level to the AI.

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