Fan films gone wrong: Part 2

Duke Nukem: Endgame

This is the most spectacular implosion of quality we’ve ever seen in a fan film. This fetid piece of eyeball cancer doesn’t just get it wrong, it gets everything single possible thing wrong on a level previously thought impossible due to the basic laws of physics. Duke isn’t bulky, brash and badass. He’s an anaemic emo Frenchman who looks all of about 14 years old. He isn’t a gun-toting, smirking action-bastard. Barely anything happens until the last part of this forty minute (Forty minute!) film, and when it does, the action is more wooden than Pinnochio’s left ball. Duke mopes. Duke has a female companion, but doesn’t make a single sleazy move. Duke uses crap John Woo fight moves and falls into a wall. Duke uses a lightsaber!

How? How can people have enough passion for an IP to make such a lengthy opus,  yet miss every fundamental point of that IP along every step of the way? If you can get through the whole thing without crying, we’ll officially dub you superhuman. Or insane. Chances are you will be by the end anyway.

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