Available on: PS2, Xbox, PSP

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  • Unlock All Levels

    Entry location: Menu
    Up, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Start
    Submitted by pipey

Family Guy Easter Eggs

  • Helium Quagmire

    Entry location: The MRI Room(Hospital)
    When your in the MRI room as Stewie, use your mind control on Quagmire and walk him to the fire extinguisher in the next room and press triangle. You will hear Quagmire say something about the extinguisher and then you will hear a high pitched "Giggty" as if he had just inhaled some helium.
    Submitted by Cheatman22
  • Baby Quagmire and A Baby Alien

    Entry location: The Delivery Room
    When you're in the Delivery Room as Stewie, you will see three pregnant women and Bonnie(Joe's Wife) gibing birth. To see baby Quagmire, jump on the two women on the right. Eventually two baby Quagmires should pop out of each of them. If you kick them, they will yell "Giggty". Also, to see the a baby alien, do the same thing you did to get the baby Quagmire out. But when you kick it, it will just cry like a normal baby.
    Submitted by Cheatman22

Family Guy Hints

  • Fart Off

    Entry location: Spooner street level
    To beat the "Fart Off" put in:

    square, X, O, X, square, sqaure, square
    X, X, X, square, triangle, triangle, triangle
    square, X, O, X, square, sqaure, square
    Submitted by shazang0
  • Level 3 Walkthrough

    Lead Brian the Dog past each cell, waiting for each inmate to look around in your direction briefly before crossing the open area, arriving at the door to the next area. Brian will now have to play a digging game, so simply alternate between the two buttons shown within the limit, burying the film and achieving success... and invisibility! Now head for the far side of the room, stopping behind the various laundry baskets to stay out of sight while waiting for the inmates to turn, reaching the door to the next area.

    Follow the inmates that are chasing one another to the next set of shadows, waiting for the next set to run by, following them to the door to the next challenge. This room has both the chasers and shower buddies to contend with, but they are also joined by a hide and seek enthusiast in the laundry carts, so steer clear of any shaking objects. Hide in the shadow pictured above left to let the final set of shower buddies look away, making a mad dash for the door to get to the next area. Grab the dossier off the ground when the hanging prisoner is spinning away from Brian, followed by bypassing the next set of cells to reach a guard. Distract the guard by activating the control panel on the tv wall, making him look at the shower cam to the women's showers, followed by hiding under the nearby table. Emerge once he is completely into the action, going through the door ahead to the next area.

    Start off in this area by hiding under desks while crawling down to the evidence in the bottom of the area, grabbing it quickly before getting back into a hiding hole again. Once this has been collected, head right and up by crawling past the various police forces, moving past Mayor Adam West to exit the area through the doorway that is down and to the right.
    Submitted by steph1751
  • Level 2 Walkthrough

    Go and try to open the door to cause the alarm to sound, firing off shots into the glass to break it and get after the nurse to stop the alarm, polishing off the remaining foes to gain access to the next area. Destroy the various power grid boxes to take down the laser defenses, also making sure to pick off the foes out there as Stewie advances, gaining access to the next room.

    Death will have electrocuted the entire room before Stewie enters, to hop across the floating cots, gurneys, and dying patients/orderlies, collecting all of the weapon upgrades while en route, pausing when a victim shoots electrical current in all directions to jump past when they stop twitching for a few moments. The next area has more health workers to dispatch of, followed by grabbing weapon upgrades while jumping up the machinery (avoid the lasers and crushing portions of the machines), reaching the top to get the Microchip Condenser.

    Take out the various healthcare workers while hopping on the pregnant women (births their babies and a weapon upgrade... except for Bonnie of course), going through the doors at the back of the area to find another area of pregnant women to hop on, but they will fire out missiles to reveal a new path and weapon upgrades. Fight off the nurses and orderlies, keeping the nurses away from the downed orderlies, opening the path forward to the next room.

    In this area another laser grid defense set is in place, so use the angled wall panels and shelving units to bounce laser shots into the emitters, all the while taking out the orderlies and nurses that will try to accost Stewie. In the next area Mind Control Quagmire and scar the nurses with come-on lines, followed by chasing them into the laser grid ahead. After all three have been sent in, walk Quagmire himself into the final laser, allowing Stewie to go and grab the MRI Power Coil from the cubby hole in the wall.
    Submitted by steph1751

Family Guy Unlockables

  • Stewie's Weapons

    Ray Gun/Spread Shot Lvl 1 - Collect 20 components
    Plasma Ball Lvl 1/Spread Shot Lvl 2 - Collect 100 components
    Plasma Ball Lvl 2/Plasma Artillery Lvl 1 - Collect 200 components
    Hyper Plasma Ball Lvl 1/Plasma Artillery Lvl 2 - Collect 300 components
    Hyper Plasma Ball Lvl 2/Shock Wave Lvl 1 - Collect 400 components
    Rocket Launcher Lvl 1/Shock Wave Lvl 2 - Collect 500 components
    Rocket Launcher Lvl 2/ Heat Seekers - Collect 600 components
    Submitted by None

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Release date: Oct 16 2006 - PS2, PSP (US)
Sep 27 2006 - PS2, Xbox, PSP (UK)
Available Platforms: PS2, Xbox, PSP
Genre: Action
Published by: 2K Games
Developed by: High Voltage
ESRB Rating:
Mature: Mature Humor, Partial Nudity, Violence