Family Guy MMO character creator exists

Games industry now less dignified

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The Family Guy MMO character creator has been launched. Eventually there will be an entire game to go with it - a “free-to-play, browser-based, 3D multiplayer game” available sometime later this year.

To use the creator, you'll have to register an online account for the game, which takes about three minutes, a willingness to believe they won't share your personal information, and an email address. After registering and creating your character you won't be able to do anything with them, but they'll be ready for you when the game launches.

Above: Our first Family Guy character. We named her “Notarealjoke.” Maybe we can be friends and grind on pop culture references sometime?

Rather than having you play as any of the show's cast members, they appear to be character archetypes players can model their own creations on. Avatars based on Peter will get the tank role, Stewie-based characters will be delicate but have high damage output, Lois types will focus on healing. There's even an unlockable dog archetype, but with very little of the Family Guy Online site populated so far, we don't want to speculate on who this non-human dog-like character class could be based on. If you have any guesses let us know.

Jul 20, 2011