Family Guy - hands-on

We also got a chance to play as Peter, who's been hit on the head pretty severely - hence the hospital stay. Somehow, this convinces him that Mr. Belvedere (yeah, the one from the '80s TV show) is bent on world domination. Thwarting him apparently involves kicking the ass of absolutely everybody, and so Peter goes on an indiscriminate rampage through the town of Quahog. The actual gameplay is no-frills, button-mashy brawling, but the cruel fun of flooring old ladies with one punch and kicking little kids in the face was irresistible.

There are a few little flourishes to keep you on your toes; cops, for example, can only be taken down with a flurry of kicks. Chunks of scenery can be picked up and thrown around, and every citizen Peter beats down leaves behind snacks that enable him to unleash devastating super moves. The game also throws in a few boss battles that end with God of War-style minigames; the one we played had us mashing buttons to pry apart the shell of a guy dressed as a giant clam.


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