Fallout New Vegas Wild Wasteland trait guide

Indiana Jones and the Ill-Thought Out Escape

Location: Mojave Wasteland, South of Goodsprings

From the town of Goodsprings make your way to the southeast along the road. As you’re going you will see a refrigerator lying a short ways off of the road, noticeable by the white of the device on the browns of the Wasteland. Head on over to investigate the icebox where you will find a unique hat, the Suave Gambler Hat, alongside a curled up skeleton that was once an intrepid adventurer.

For those who are blissfully unaware, this is a reference to the infamous refrigerator scene where Indiana Jones hides inside of a lead-lined refrigerator to escape a nuclear bomb. As one of the silliest stunts in all of Hollywood history (or at least in a non-straight-to-DVD movie) this is more than likely what would have actually occurred had our good doctor tried pulling such a silly stunt in real life.




Location: Random

While out wandering the Mojave Wasteland you can eventually speak to Rex to start up this little quest. Whether it is available or not has little to do with how long you’ve had your companion but it more related to how long you’ve played the game. Regardless when you talk to the Cyborg puppy he will respond with a somewhat confused “Aroo?” instead of his usual barks which leads into a rather humorous exchange.

Once you actually figure out what the problem is, namely that dumbass Jimmy being stuck in a well, a map marker is placed near the northeastern part of the map. Making your way over there you will find a well, appropriately named Jimmy’s Well, in front of Field’s Shack. Climb down inside to find a mole rat and dead Jimmy. The main reward here is the Abilene LE BB Gun and a good laugh at this old reference.



Malefic Maud's Marauders

Location: New Vegas Freeside

For one of the most random, and amusing, of the Wild Wasteland encounters you’re going to really have to go out of your way. This encounter only happens in Freeside, the exterior part of New Vegas, when you’re coming out of a building here. You have to find Cerulean Robotics, a large grey building that houses a bunch of stuff for you to loot and nothing more. Upon entering and then leaving the building you will meet these ladies.

Other than laugh factor, and to be totally goddamn random, there’s no benefit to this encounter. The three ladies are weak, die rather easily and don’t give you too much for the little bit of trouble they cause.



No More One Liners!

Location: New Vegas, Ultra-Lux

This is a fairly minor Wild Wasteland event, simply changing the appearance of one of the dead bodies you can find during the “Behind the Beef” quest in New Vegas’ Ultra-Lux casino. During the course of completing this quest you will be sent to look at the Ultra-Lux Hotel room of an investigator who was looking into the disappearance of a guest of the Ultra-Lux. Marjorie tells you to speak to Mortimer at the front desk about the investigator who should still be at the hotel room.

Above: Well I guess he’s… off the case.

After speaking to Mortimer and getting the key to the room head on up there to find the dead man lying in front of the bed. The investigator, named Crusoe, is very obviously a reference to the CSI front man David Caruso. The red hair, the suit and the cheesy glasses all paint the picture that our friend fared no better in the video game world than he did in the world of television.

Above: Yeeeeaaah!


Owen and Beru

Location: Nipton

Time for another rather random movie reference. Make your way to the destroyed town of Nipton and head for the eastern entrance to the town. From the Nipton sign right near the burning pile of debris head to your north, past the first house to find a pair of bodies lying on the ground that have been scorched to the bone.

If you haven’t already gotten it this is a reference to Luke Skywalker’s Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru. The two relatives get sizzled by some Imperial Stormtroopers who are on Tatooine looking for R2-D2 and C-3P0.


  • Shan3XBOX - March 26, 2011 2:42 p.m.

    The Alien 'Wild Wasteland' video was awesome thank-you
  • tinemarie - February 14, 2011 4:33 p.m.

    Did anyone else get the awesome pimped out pipp boy?
  • kangaroocory - February 10, 2011 12:39 a.m.

    hahaha the big one! welcome to megaton. the bomb is perfectly safe.
  • Falloutin1996 - January 26, 2011 2:51 a.m.

    P.S. (for sale)
  • Falloutin1996 - January 26, 2011 2:44 a.m.

    I coud have sworn I saw one or two Holy frag Grenades at "Mick and Ralf's"in "West Side" It may have been from a glitch or something, sence this game is prone to it.
  • oddprophet - January 9, 2011 8:08 p.m.

    By the by, if anyone is still interested, I think I managed to get the wildwasteland thing by talking to the ambassador about how I should poison pacer to save freeside, you might need to have high medicine to get this though, so, in that case, good luck...
  • Thequestion 121 - January 6, 2011 6:55 p.m.

    It's a good thing I chose the Wild Wasteland trait! :)
  • redmight - January 6, 2011 12:56 a.m.

    hmmm I thought the nuke called The Big One was a reference to toy story where the rocket that was gonna blow up buzz is called the big one
  • misfit119 - January 5, 2011 10:29 p.m.

    @EdDeRs1: Actually that's why I framed the shot the way I did. I wanted to show that off. But I probably could have mentioned it. @oddprophet: Thats... odd. I completed that quest and didn't hear anything of that like. How do you have to complete the quest to hear that line? @PushesPaperInaCircle: No, it's yet ANOTHER Monty Python reference. Also the Golden Girls were Blanche, Dorothy and Rose while the attackers are Maud, Ruth and Ida.
  • GamesRadarMichaelGrimm - January 5, 2011 5:51 p.m.

    @kyle94 Lol, thanks for posting that ZC quote, I chuckled.
  • Zepaw - January 5, 2011 4:48 p.m.

    I should have just waited for this article. I took the perk and didn't find any Wacky things on my full play through.
  • RedAppolyon - January 5, 2011 3:55 p.m.

    Oddprophet, that is a reference to Star Trek:the original series. Doctor McCoy would always say "Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor not a _______"
  • EdDeRs1 - January 5, 2011 2:12 p.m.
  • EdDeRs1 - January 5, 2011 2:11 p.m.

    ha, nobody can resist monty python references, and u missed out that next to the goly hand grenades (used in monty python and the holy grail to kill the killer rabbit) it has "pull pin and count to" with 5 crossed out and 3 written, as in the film they are told to count to three "three being the number of choseing no more no less" and arthur and his knights counting to five at first then three
  • PushesPaperInACircle - January 5, 2011 11:45 a.m.

    Not that I watched the show, but weren't the ladies appearing with Maude the "Golden Girls"? No one else got the reference?
  • Clovin64 - January 5, 2011 11:03 a.m.

    I've never tried out the Wild Wasteland thing, but I doubt I would have found any of these references anyway. Not that they're hard to find or anything, I just don't have an eye for detail lol.
  • oddprophet - January 5, 2011 8 a.m.

    Or doctor...Yeah, I think it was doctor...
  • oddprophet - January 5, 2011 7:57 a.m.

    You missed that one the NCR embassador says during the mission with him where you have to stop the kings in Freeside. I don't remember it entirely but it's something like: "I'm an embassador not a god damned scientist!"
  • doominatorx6 - January 5, 2011 5:25 a.m.

    The "Dirty" line is: "I once tried to measure my Charisma on a Vit-o-Matic Vigor Tester once. The machine burst into flames."
  • falloutmyshit - January 5, 2011 4:56 a.m.

    can anyone please tell me wat the dirty new vegas lne is?

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