Fallout 3 Bobblehead Guide

Complete your stat-boosting collection with videos, maps, and detailed directions

For most players, this will be the first Bobblehead that you collect. Before you take the G.O.A.T. exam, head to your father’s desk and grab the Medicine Bobblehead.

Above: Don’t forget to teabag your dad before you leave

Above: If you missed this Bobblehead during the tutorial, don’t despair. Later on, you’ll receive a quest that requires you to head back into Vault 101

Evergreen Mills is west of Megaton, just to the east of Smith Casey's Garage. Head into the Bazaar and make your way up the winding paths. When you reach the pool table, head to your right. Stay to your right, and keep an eye out for the small passage in the back of room. Check the shelf behind the counter for the Barter Bobblehead.

Above: The Bobblehead’s hiding behind the lamp on a shelf