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Fairly Odd Parents Shadow Showdown Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    To end the game and finish it the last code is BD?QLN that code will make you finish the last code.
    The code LD8SN4 is a place where their is a time limit and you need to finish it.
    To defeat the master you need to turn into a light bold and use wanda so you can hit the masbles with her want.

    S8MXS6 - Start middle of game

    SBM2S6 - Start falling getting stars
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  • No Code but hints

    When you are in the yucopatamin level and you get stuck with Cosmo and Wanda getting attracted to the giggle pie? So follow this advice.Before they get hipmotized you cast a spell on the guard and throw him into where the giggle pie is.
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