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Fade 2 Black Cheats

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    To activate the cheats within 'Fade To Black', first enter a cheat activation code on the password screen: s t o x o t

    Now enter the following codes on the password screen:

    Movie Player: s x o t o x

    - Infinite Shields: s o o s t x

    Level Access: o o t x s s

    Press Start at any time during the game to select a menu, highlight 'Resume' and press O to select another level. 'No Die' mode: t x t t s o Y

    ou should hear two quick sound effects to validate the cheats.

    Level 01: s o t x o s

    - Level 02: t o x o s x

    - Level 03: x o x o t x

    Level 04: x s t o o t

    - Level 05: s s t x x t

    - Level 06: t x x x x o

    Level 07: o o t x t x

    - Level 08: s s x t s s

    - Level 09: t x x t o t

    Level 10: x t s o t x

    - Level 11: o s x x s x

    - Level 12: s t x s o x

    *t=triangle* *s=square*
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