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  • Submitted by Jamie Stafford/Wolf Feather

F1 2001 Cheats

  • Faster Lap Time At Albert Park

    Before you do this make shore the flag rules are turned of in options.
    on the 6th turn don't go on the track cut through the ashfelt, on the 11th corner there is a little short cut take that short cut to get 4 seconds faster on the lap time and you'll be first within a few laps
    Submitted by harley boyle
  • Faster Lap Time and Better Position

    On one of the levels when everybody else is making a sort of u turn there is a sign to make u turn into that u turn, don't instead head towards the sign that tells u to turn it should get u a faster lap time and a better position. I usually get into 1st
    Submitted by tony
  • Get 2001 Review Video

    You must

    * Get Custom GP Championship Trophy
    * Get Full Championship trophy
    * Get Domination Trophy
    * Win all 17 trophies in single GP mode
    Submitted by None

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