F-Zero GX review

  • People will gawk as you play
  • Mind-bending course design
  • Fastest, most intense racer, period
  • Difficulty will eat casual gamers alive
  • Learning curve as steep as Everest
  • Extra content's a little fluffy

It's too bad not everyone will be able to appreciate the hair-shearing speed. Casual racers who like to putt around in meager sports cars will be slamming into the walls or plummeting to their doom in no time flat. It's that fast. You can either keep up with the traffic or you can't, and even nonstop practice may not be enough.

But for those who can take it, wow. When you're done streaking through arid deserts and corkscrewing slot machine courses, you can tackle a near impossible story mode, a create-a-car garage and the obligatory Time Attack and multiplayer races. Other than the four-player zoom fest, however, none of the extras will blow your mind quite like the main game.

More Info

Release date: Aug 22 2003 - GameCube (US)
Aug 22 2003 - GameCube (UK)
Available Platforms: GameCube
Genre: Racing
Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Amusement Vision
ESRB Rating:
Teen: Fantasy Violence


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