Eye of Judgment

You get 30 cards with the game. Of course, as is the nature with cards, you’ll want more - and there are 110 cards in the first deck that can be bought in 8-card booster packs, with extras to follow. These will range from common to rare, with ultra-rare cards so secret you’ll only be able to find out what they are when you reveal them on the PS3.

The board
It may not look the largest playing arena for a CCG, but size isn’t everything. For a start, each square has elemental properties that can enhance (or damage) monsters that are placed on them. A water element card, for example, will have its statistics raised when placed on a water square, but could be killed if placed on a fire square. Not ideal if that’s the only position available.

The cards
Each card falls under one of five categories (Fire, Earth, Water, Wood and Biolith) and can be either monster cards or spells. Whichever they are, they need mana (the amount of which is indicated on the card) to place on the board and activate. When you receive only two mana points per turn, placing a seven mana dragon on the board may look good - but it’s going to take many mana points to use it.

Card powers
Each monster has specific attack patterns and most have special skills. Some deal massive damage, some rotate opponents or move them across the board or even possess your opponent’s characters. You can even place “sacrificial” monsters that only have to survive a turn before they can be swapped for something far more powerful.

Online play
How can you stop people cheating with the cards when they’re on the other side of the world? Good question. Before each match, players have to register their decks, so the game knows what you have in your hands and in your deck. Try to place a card on the field that isn’t registered and Eye of Judgment will know.


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