Extended trailer for Man On A Ledge

A new and extended trailer has been released for Sam Worthington’s new thriller Man On A Ledge , in which the Aussie actor plays a wrongly-imprisoned former cop looking to clear his name and get him some revenge, all in one fell swoop.

The new footage gives a much clearer outline of the film’s twisty-turny narrative, with the motivations behind Worthington’s mock suicide bid revealed in more detail.

Meanwhile, there’s a bit more footage of the ludicrously sexy Genesis Rodriguez in a catsuit (and then her pants), as well as coppers Elizabeth Banks, Edward Burns and Titus Welliver.

Take a look at the new trailer below…

That footage should give you some idea of the film’s far-fetched MO, coming across as an entertaining if highly implausible cross between Phone Booth and Ocean’s Eleven . The less said about Worthington’s accent, however, the better.

Man On A Ledge is directed by Asgar Leth and will open in UK cinemas on 3 February 2012.


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