Exclusive: Rorschach Speaks!

On Rorschach's nasty side...

"We’re talking damaged goods. He’s just had such a horrible upbringing. His mom was a prostitute. Men after men. Drugs. Alcohol. He kind of lost his own identity. He starts to despise himself. When he starts to punish those self-centred victimisers, he starts to find his own self-worth."

On the mask...

"Once I was under there, man, I was under. They had to take it off. I couldn’t lift it up. In the CG part, they would cover up my eyes and replace them with ink-blots that move with my face."

On the fight scenes...

"He’s formidable. His background is boxing, so his style’s a little sloppier, a little tougher, a little rugged. It’s in your face. Bam! Down. You know?"


On Rorsharch's appeal...

"He’s such a twisted fuck. But in a weird, admirable way. It’s hard to describe. Hopefully this guy doesn’t walk the planet, you know what I mean? He’s a lesson of what we don’t want in society."

On playing such a twisted character...

"I had to twist my head to be in this guy’s head. It doesn’t leave you when you really start to look at the grey complexity in the world that so many people hide behind. I don’t agree with most of this guy. I certainly wouldn’t go out breaking thumbs. I kinda went quasi-berserk. I start talking to myself. When you’re playing this guy, and you’re alone for six months, talking to yourself, it’s weird!"


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