EXCLUSIVE glimpse at Crackdown co-op mayhem

Ever dreamed of being a superhero? Who are we kidding - of course you have. But when you picture yourself in that exalted role, you probably also see yourself soaring gracefully through the clouds, effortlessly stopping runaway trains in their tracks or even gently plucking helpless kittens out of trees.

Stop dreaming. Honestly, if any of us suddenly developed extraordinary powers, the world would be in some serious trouble. Whether we abused our abilities or just clumsily misused them, you can bet there'd be a whole lot of mess to clean up.

Example - our recent hands-on time with upcoming 360 actioner Crackdown. The "sandbox" style, comic book-inspired game places you in the boots of a vigilante super cop and sets you loose on an unsuspecting metropolis. Hit up Xbox Live and you can even take the city on with a similarly souped-up friend. The result, as expected, is unchecked madness.

We told you we couldn't be trusted. But, seriously, where's the fun in saving kittens? Better to super kick them into a tree for the next hero to rescue.

Crackdown is slated for release early next year, though we can't report exactly when yet. Until then, satiate your desire for wanton anarchy in the name of justice - read about our entire hands-on experience with the game, or check out our vigilante-by-vigilante breakdown.

December 8, 2006


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