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  • New Costumes (Japanese version only)

    At the character select screen press X
    Submitted by None
  • Skip Dialogue

    Before a move is made in a battle press B
    Submitted by None
  • Do Double Attack

    Attack a enemy from behind for a double attack
    Submitted by None
  • Get Infinite Naolin Gold

    When you fight Eugene on the Carrier go to the room with the soldier lying on the bed. Go the the shelf in the back of the room and you get a Naolin Gold each time you talk to it!
    Submitted by None
  • Easy level Gain

    First you find a monster and make sure he does not see you,so he starts moving around.when he is opposite of the side yuo are facing then run up behind him. you will know this worked if you hear music that sounds different from when you normally fight. It will say you have the initiative. So that means you get to attack the enemies with your guys first for awhile.
    Submitted by Justin

    Have you ever seen the grey phage's, that teleport when you get close to them. Well if you have a Chamleon Color you can fight it, and if you beat it before it escapes then you get a whopping 3367 per phage. sometimes you get two or three phage's
    Submitted by William Davis
  • Easier way of getting out of confusion w/o getting attacked

    On the controller hold down the right or left back buttons to get out of confusion and press up on the d-pad or stick.
    Submitted by t44t
  • Get special items

    To get special items that can't be found in chests fight enemies...Like the millipede,once
    in a great while you will get from him the millipedes carapace,it can be processed into the shell frying pan...the phage every great while,will give you the phage's nucleus,it can be processed into crystal refills your heal by 5% every time you use a standard attack...the hyenodon,give you the hyenodons can be processed into fang powder,
    it increases your attack by 5 permanently.
    The speckler and archaeaopterynx also give you
    special keep fighting will eventually get their items...oh yeah...
    those are just few of the special item from enemies I have collected.
    Submitted by Gene Smolenski
  • More Damage

    In battle mode, you can inflict double damage with normal attacks by hitting the A button right before your weapon makes contact. You know it worked when sparks fly in all directions instead of one. You have to time it just right. It's hard to do with Pepper, but it is possible.
    Submitted by Matt Fogel
  • Start A Game With more Money

    Finish the game and save it. Just reload your saved game and restart to start out with more money
    Submitted by None

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