Everything we know about Resident Evil 6's mysterious Mercenary (and who we think it is)

We try and discover the Mercenary's secret

The Mercenary. So far, that's all we know about the mysterious third protagonist in Resident Evil 6. While we're fairly certain the game will be split into (at least) three parts, with Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield making up the first two, the identity of this third, scarred character has been kept under wraps.

Even though Capcom isn't saying anything yet, the trailer is full of clues, and we've compiled a list of everything we know about the Merc, and figured out who we think it might be.

He's a mercenary

Well, yeah, this one is sort of obvious. Throughout the trailer the character makes it clear that he's in it for the money. His first line lays down his rates, "First things first: I want 200,000 up front, another 200 when this is over." Later, he drops another line about it: "I was better off as a mercenary." We don't know exactly what his job is, though, and we're guessing whatever it is changes fairly quickly once monsters show up.

He's got special blood

"The world needs you!" the woman he's with yells. "Not me, just my blood," he responds. The series has a long history of genetically engineered characters, which is likely what this is referring too, but there's also a chance that his blood is a cure for whatever is zombifying the world. Either way, we're guessing that his blood is responsible for the fact that... 

He has superpowers

It becomes apparently fairly quickly that the Mercenary is more than human. Early on he's taking down rooms full of enemies without using a weapon, and executing slow-motion kung-fu moves with ease. He even catches the mysterious woman he's with as he rides a motorcycle - that's some straight-up ninja moves. His quick movements remind us a lot of Wesker's, which is a common theme throughout the trailer. 

He's being chased

The Mercenary is being attacked by different people every time he's on screen in this trailer. He's being chased by a giant monster, bad guys with guns, and even a helicopter at one point. And it doesn't look like they want to take him alive, meaning they don't want whatever he has making it to whoever wants it, or they're confident in their abilities to extract his blood after he's been blown to bits.

He's not traveling alone

"I'm not going to let anything happen to you!" the girl who is likely Ashley yells at him, which means that, apparently, he needs her help. We're not sure how she can help him, considering his aforementioned superpowers, but she seems to think she's important. Also, if she is Ashley, that means she's likely working with the US Government in trying to get his help. 

He's got an emblem on his arm

This might be the most telling part of his appearance, and it's also the hardest to see. On his arm is an emblem that we never get a clear shot of. It appears to be a red and yellow icon, so we don't think it's a flag, and the shape appears to be a shield of some kind. It really feels as though Capcom cut the trailer in such a way that it intentionally made it hard to see, which plays up how important it might be. We figure that this symbol is either the seal of his Mercenary group or a family crest.

If it's a family crest, then it's likely some modified version of the Spencer family crest. This symbol showed up a few times throughout the series, mostly in the Spencer Mansion from Resident Evil. It usually is seen with the Umbrella Corporation symbol behind it for obvious reasons, but since Umbrella's name is mud, we wouldn't be shocked to see it used without that element moving forward. If that's what it is, then it means we're pretty sure that...

He's... Alex Wesker?

No, not the Wesker with cool sunglasses that you fight in the other Resident Evil games, that's Albert. The Wesker surname was applied to a number of genetically engineered children raised by Lord Oswell E. Spencer. Alex was sent on a mission to find the key to immortality to give to Spencer, and though he found it, he disappeared with the secret. Since then he hasn't been found. So, in other words, there's a character in the Resident Evil series who not only knows the secret to immortality (which might be the injection we saw the Mercenary use in the trailer), but has the same generic engineering that made Albert Wesker so strong and superhuman. And he has a patch on his arm that looks sort of like the Spencer family crest. We're not going to say it's a sure thing, but of all of the names  thrown around so far, this is the one we feel the best about.

Above: Check out our breakdown of the entire trailer here

Some think it might be Hunk, since, after all, Hunk is a mercenary, though we doubt it would have been kept a secret if it was him. Same goes for the Mercenary being Leon, Steve Burnside, the Merchant from Resident Evil 4 (they both have fingerless gloves and are obsessed with money, though),or any other character we've hung out with in other Resident Evil games.

If Capcom wants to keep it sort of secret it's likely because it's a character mentioned and referenced, but never seen, and Alex really seems to fit the bill.