Everything we know about GTA IV to date


• Niko is much better equipped to deal with fire fights than his predecessors. The big-nosed Balkan can take cover, wall-hug, blind-fire, slide to cover, vault over low objects and crouch-run.

• An updated version of Salvatore Leone's - the Leone family Don from GTA III -  house appears in the game. We spotted it at the end of the mission 'Truck Hustle'.

• Vehicles we've been able to identify are a Shitzu NRG 900 RR motorbike and two cars, the Stallion and Vincent.

• With regards to appearances from familiar GTA faces, Rockstar say that there will be "virtually none".

• The cargo ship that Niko arrives on is called 'Platypus'. Another boat called 'Octopus' is also seen at the docks.

• Dwayne Ford is Playboy X's old partner and has recently been released from prison. He seems agitated by Playboy's lifestyle and apparent disinterest in becoming partners again.

• Niko can get shit-faced drunk and GTA IV features the best, most hilarious pissed-up stumbling physics we've ever seen. When inebriated, controlling Niko - or the vehicle he's attempting to drive - becomes mighty tricky, the screen blurs and the camera moves erratically.

• Frank McReary is a corrupt cop that employs Niko to kill a lawyer called Tom Goldberg, who has some incriminating evidence that could land him in a heap of trouble. It seems McReary has some of his own 'dirt' on Niko, which is why the Eastern European is compelled to help this unpleasant character.

• There is a Liberty Ferry Terminal.

• There won't be any option for San Andreas-style character customization of main man Niko's physical appearance. So you won't be able to force feed him burgers and make him a fat bastard.

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