Everything we know about GTA IV to date

• Brands we've spotted around Liberty City so far include: Sprunk and eCola (soft drinks), Cluckin' Bell (fast food chain), Bean Machine Coffee (coffee chain), Whiz (cell phone), Kronos (watches), Burger Shot (fast food chain), Logger Beer and Piswasser Beer.

• If Niko is hauled out of a car by a cop, he will have more chance of escaping on foot than in previous GTAs.

• Ray and Bell are two Italian mobster stereotypes. They're paranoid about being under observation by the feds and talk in a covert sublanguage. Think "Baddabing", "He's a friend of mine" and "Y'know, the guy with the thing." Niko hijacks a drug load of trucks from the Triads for Bell.

• The game auto-saves after every mission or major activity. Players will also be able to save at any of the safe houses in the city.

• Liberty Tree is the name of the city's main newspaper. It first appeared in GTA III. There are also Daily Globe vendors in the city.

• The Whiz cell phone lets Niko tune in to Liberty's various radio stations at any time. So as long as he's got his phone, Niko can listen to music whenever he fancies. Even in the middle of a shoot-out.

• Little Jacob is a Jamaican weapons dealer and associate of Roman that Niko will meet early in the game. He sells ballistic merchandise and ammunitions from the boot of his car. Build a good friendship with him and he'll be happy to drive to Niko's location with a trunk full of guns.

• There are no planes. But there will be helicopters.

•  WKTT (We Know The Truth) will be a talk radio show heard on Liberty City's airwaves.

• Real-life landmarks and areas renamed for GTA IV include Statue of Liberty (Statue of Happiness, located on Happiness Island), Times Square (Star Junction), Brighton Beach (Hove Beach), The MetLife building (GetaLife building) and Hell's Kitchen (Purgatory).

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