Everything we know about GTA IV to date

• The game is being created collaboratively between Rockstar's New York, San Diego and North (Edinburgh) studios.

• Playboy X is a gangster that likes to live large, but still calls himself "a hustler from the streets." He owns a luxury apartment in Algonquin and recruits Niko's services to help him bring a not entirely amicable end to a Mafia enforced union strike that's disrupting one of his associates' development plans.

• The Triads feature in the game, although we don't know whether Niko works for them at any point.

• There will be an element of "romantic involvement" in the story.

• There's nothing outside of Liberty City, with no empty countryside or desert areas. Rockstar is, instead, focusing on cramming every inch of the city with believable, dynamic life and creating a map totally free of pointless space.

• Niko will instantly be an expert with any weapon he picks up - there's no need to head to a shooting range to level-up.

• Players can buy Niko new outfits. So far we've seen him purchase a well tailored suit from a boutique called Perseus.

• When Niko first arrives in Liberty City he will stay with his cousin, Roman, in a rundown area of Broker.

• Roman is involved in something of a shaky relationship with a woman called Mallorie.

• Two new episodes of GTA IV's story will be released as downloadable content exclusively for Xbox 360 shortly after the release of the game. The content will, according to Microsoft, offer "hours of entirely new gameplay".


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