Everything we know about GTA IV to date

• A targeted enemy's health is represented by a ring of segments on the inside of the aiming reticule.

• Niko can use taxis to get around. If players choose this legitimate mode of transportation, once inside the cab they can enjoy the ride from a variety of camera angles, pay the cabbie to drive faster or simply skip straight to the destination.

• Vehicle-based gunplay isn't limited to cack-handed drive-by style shootings. Niko can now lean out the window - smashing it with his elbow first - of whatever he's driving and fire forwards.

• Niko will be able to listen to LCPD radio chatter, giving him a valuable heads-up on their movements.

• Police cars appear on the radar.

• Like previous GTA protagonists, Niko can carry a plentiful amount of weapons on him at any one time.

• Approximations of the following New York landmarks have been spotted in Liberty City: Brooklyn Bridge, Chrysler building, MetLife building, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Empire State Building, Flatiron building, Coney Island rollercoaster, Times Square and Statue of Liberty.

• If Niko is being pursued by the cops, he can take the heat off by changing  cars without being spotted. A cunning way to give those LCPD boys the slip.

• Waypoints can be set on the map.

• Niko is able to access Liberty City's internet network from any computer in the game. We've seen Niko using it to apply for a job, although Rockstar told us that it will also serve as a useful information aggregator.


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