EverQuest II: Estate of Unrest

Although the zone is one big puzzle, it contains no new quests beyond a handful of new collections. However, there are some additional treats mixed in with all the tricks. For example, you can gain certain advantages based on who you bring to the party. Provisioners, Bards, Rogues and the like have never felt so loved.

The zone is designed so any reasonably balanced level 70 group in decent non-fabled gear should be able to navigate it successfully. Accordingly, groups of level 70 raiders may be disappointed by the loot, which will not contain upgrades to their fabled raid gear. However, all level 70 players can delight in the atmosphere of the zone and the thrill of navigating its pitfalls (literally) as they fight and reason their way through to the final boss mob. In short, this is one zone you won’t want to miss.


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