ESPN NFL Football 2k5 Cheats

ESPN NFL Football 2k5 Cheats

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    Big heads


  • Xbox | Submitted by

    All Crib Items


  • Xbox | Submitted by

    All Stadiums


  • Xbox | Submitted by

    New Playbooks


  • Xbox | Submitted by

    1 Million Crib Points


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    Fast Players


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    All Milestones Complete


ESPN NFL Football 2k5 Unlockables

  • Xbox | Submitted by OmArIoN oWnS jOO

    Unlock Air Hockey Table

    Beat The Super Bowl

ESPN NFL Football 2k5 Hints

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    Easy Sacks

    To get easy sacks run a blitz on the 1st and 3rd down. You get a sack or cause the QB to throw the ball away every time.

  • Xbox | Submitted by kyle lakevillla

    Easy Time Accumulated

    If you want an easy way to get time accumulated in the game just have it in crib and occasionally move around

  • Xbox | Submitted by Ice_matrix6

    Easy Sacks

    Turn off penalties and go behind the QB but if you touch anyone you will be flagged down.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Tommy W. and Mike D.

    Really Easy Crib Points

    Play 2 player and have one player be a bad team (BROWNS) and have the other be a really good team (Eagles). Have the bad team "field goal block" every play and the good do "Hail Mary". When the bad team has the ball, have that player fumble, get sacked, saftey, etc. I've played it like that and I was the Eagles and my friend was the Browns. 167-0. Guess who won... Most of the time if you play this like that, you will get 3,000-7,000 Crib points a game.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kaos

    Beat the salary cap

    Beating the salary cap can be frustrating with created characters. Instead, go to rosters for your favorite team, find the third string position player, and then just edit his name, stats and appearance. This way, your player will be rated 100 overall, but still be paid a very low salary.

  • Xbox | Submitted by

    Easy Crib Credits

    Make a team and pick the worst players possible then use your favorite NFL team to play them to rack up lots of crib credits!