Epic shows PS3, 360 power

After deconstructing the sequence and showing how it was created (and how developers could create similarly impressive things quickly and easily), Epic showed a demo of Unreal Tournament 2007 running on a PlayStation 3 development kit. (Epic president Mark Rein bemoaned the fact that they could not show people what the dev kit looked like, per Sony's orders - even though the kits were on display in Sony's own booth at the show.) The sample level, which mixed new assets with some textures and objects from UT2004, was created in about a week and featured a few sci-fi corridors as well as outdoor areas.

A Scorpion Tank was destroyed to show the vehicle damage modeling (take vehicle, apply explosion and watch the plate armor disassemble), but the niftiest bit of tech - besides the fact that UT2007, in test form, is already up and running on PS3 hardware, of course - was the appearance of a black sphere with its own gravity. On cue, the sphere sucked up all the debris, crates and loose objects in the area, spinning them around in mid-air. Eventually the objects stabilized and some actually achieved orbit. While it was clearly just a demo and not representative of gameplay, physics tricks like this bode well for UT2007 players later this year.