Epic Games will reveal new title at VGAs this weekend

Cliffy B promises a new, fresh experience coming our way

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The Spike Video Game Awards are starting to grow into a mini-E3 based on the number of announcements lined up. We first heard of Metal Gear Solid Rising and Alan Wake announcements, then BioWare's next game and just this morning we posted news on a strange new PS3-exclusive. Not wanting to be left out, Cliff Bleszinski is joining the announcement throw down by revealing the reveal of Epic’s next game.

After mentioning the successes the developer has already had this year with Gears of War 3 and Infinity Blade II (no mention of Bulletstorm), the singular Cliffy B moved on to the future. Cliff said his team in North Carolina has something “entirely fresh and new” for the world, which points to an entirely new IP and in a later tweet Cliff confirmed the newness of the title. Could this be a full retail release, a new downloadable like Shadow Complex, or perhaps something for iOS given the crazy success of Infinity Blade? Sadly, we have to wait for Saturday to find out.


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