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Enemy Infestation Cheats, Codes & Guides

Enemy Infestation Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    Type in the below codes during gameplay then hit [ENTER] after each. Type them carefully when you have colonists selected: Pressing certain letters can cause a selected colonist to initiate a behavior trait (for example, pressing F gives the Flee command).
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  • Heal Guys

    gsaheal - Heals all colonists (not terminated) back to full health.
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  • Look in All Rooms

    gsaroof - Removes all roofs (takes awhile) so you can see into rooms.
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  • Kill Aliens

    gsaswap - Swaps sides (allows you to control aliens); use following the kill cheat to eliminate selected aliens.
    gsakill - Kills selected characters (your own, or swaps, selects, and kills aliens).
    gsastop - Stops both aliens and colonists from acting, causing them to just stand around; type it again to toggle it off.
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  • Weapon Codes

    gsabog - Creates a BOG weapon at the cursor that when you pick it up gives you extra defense and lets you lock doors.
    gsaknife - Creates a KNIFE weapon at the cursor that when you pick it up makes you invisible to aliens (they won't go for you when they would normally see you
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  • Get people

    gsacmdr - Creates a commander at the cursor.
    gsamedi - Creates a medical officer at the cursor.
    gsaboff - Creates a technician (boffin) at the cursor.
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  • Win

    gsawin - Wins the level no matter what (so you can continue to the next).
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  • Select Level

    To play any level Hold [Shift] + [Ctrl] and click on any single player
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